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Keith Lewis, Owner

Keith Lewis has been the owner of Bookie's since 2015. He is a former Chicago Public Schools English teacher.

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Carrie C., Manager

Carrie's been part of the Bookie's family for years and believes in fostering a fun and energetic atmosphere. She loves to read high fantasy, historical fiction, and true crime. Swing by to check our her shelf for updated recommendations curated to her tastes!

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Mary K., Assistant Manager

Mary's been with Bookie's for the past four years. You can find her tripping over stacks of books or laughing at funny titles in the aisles. She prefers hard science fiction, new age, LGBTQ+ studies, fantasy, and dystopias. Check our her shelf for recommendations!

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Brianna F., Bookseller

Brianna has years of bookselling experience, and it shows in her friendly demeanor and willingness to assist customers find a good book. She loves reading historical fiction, romance, and literary fiction.

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Susan C., Bookseller

Susan likes to say she knows two things like the back of her hand: Beverly (and all of its inhabitants) and books. She reads a new book every week, favoring, in particular, thrillers, historical fiction, and family sagas. 

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Dave M., Bookseller

Transplanted from Missouri to Chicago, Dave became a core team member shortly after his move. He prefers psychological fiction, science fiction, and graphic novels.

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Rich W., Assistant Manager

Rich is an avid reader of memoirs/biographies, politics, sci-fi, and general fiction. He and his wife have been running a monthly book club since 2002 and love extensively debating and discussing books.

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Carrie B

Carrie is a veteran bookseller who also wrote as a book blogger for a few years. Her interests are as varied as her recommendations. From cookbooks to classics, Carrie has a good book suggestion for any genre — particularly, historical fiction and romance. Check out her currently reading and recommended shelf for some great choices!

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Narita S., Bookseller

As a former librarian, Narita is well-versed in handling the book business — from curating recommendations to fit whatever niche you're into to helping you to broaden your horizons and find new and interesting reads. In particular, she favors children's books, young adult fiction, fantasy, mythology, and art books. 

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Laura B., Bookseller

Laura absolutely loves books. Joining the Bookie's family was like a dream come true for her — she loves engaging in conversations about books and will introduce you to genres you haven't even read before. Check out her currently reading and recommended shelf for some great picks! 

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