Please Read

This will be updated as things develop. However, please do support us through purchasing books through the channels below. 


Dear Bookie's Customers,

For the health and safety of the customers and staff, we are closed to the public for in-store browsing/sales. 

We are working on how to continue to get  you books so you can continue to support your local independent bookstore.

Bookie's employees who rely on the store as their main source of income will continue to be paid through this ordeal. This will be difficult, and we will all rely on you for your continued patronage.

As a reminder, here are some of ways you can still purchase books from your local bookstore.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued patronage. Please continue to support us and your other local businesses!

1. Buy a gift card to use later. Please do this. It is a quick way to get us some money to help pay employees who are  :

2. Our website:

3. I'm actually pressing for this a bit more. Order here, and it will ship directly to your home without us having to process is, but we WILL receive a nice percentage of the sale.

4. Digital audiobooks:

5. Ebooks

6. Delivery: When books arrive, we'll deliver prepaid books to our local customers. We'll start at a five mile radius to see how that works.

7. USPS: Contrary to most independent bookstores, we discount our books substantially for our customers with credit accounts. However, we will split the cost of your media mail class shipment. If you choose to cover the full cost yourself, let us know. We thank you.

8. Curbside pickup -- if this is allowed.

Thanks. Please bear with us as we deal with unprecedented events in the world. Some of this might change as the situation evolves.