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A few things to note:

1. Our hours are limited until we can afford to stay open longer. 10-4 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and 10-6 on Thursday. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

2. We are limiting capacity so that customers can stay the recommended distance from other customers.

3. You must wear a health official-recommended mask, securely fastened over your mouth and nose. If you are someone who believes that COVID-19 is a hoax or that masks don't work, the science is not on your side. You are probably not one of our customers. We're OK keeping it that way.

4. Please sanitize upon entry if you plan on touching anything.

5. We are not accepting books at this time.

It is absolutely preferable to take your orders in person. However --

1. We will still accept orders at

2. We will still provide curbside pickup options for those still choosing to remain out of public spaces.

3. We will still accept orders at, though it is no longer preferred. However, they absolutely can still get some books we can't due to their access to additional warehouses from which we cannot order. 

4. If you are an audiobook listener, it is absolutely imperative that you start to get your books from They support independent bookstores. They support us.

5. You can purchase e-books from us at The company was recently purchased, and they're working on improving everything about the process.

There has never been a time when Bookie's has needed its customers more.

I am a relatively proud person who really doesn't ask for much. I'll be honest; Bookie's is in dire shape. I'm barely holding on. We need support in both Chicago and Homewood. For almost six months, we've been closed down. It has hurt immensely. 

While bookstores across the nation started GoFundMe campaigns and earned tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars from their communities, I did not. I tried to hold on by just doing business. It worked a little -- kind of. I just want the support of the communities with Bookie's stores and for them to want a bookstore and give it business. Some people helped. Some people hurt.

Look for some t-shirt campaigns in the very near future. I'm working with a couple companies who do t-shirt fundraising -- one national, one local, several very-cool designs -- many of which have been designed by local artists.

Please support your local bookstore. It's in serious debt at the moment. The federal government provided very little to small businesses. Everything they did provide (that I received) was a loan. I have too many of those. The state and city were overwhelmed and provided absolutely nothing. Even today I was informed that a small loan from the city would not be funded -- for the third time.

I just want your business. I want to provide you with books.