Please Read

This will be updated as things develop. However, please do support us through purchasing books through the channels below. 


Dear Bookie's Customers,

Here is the current list of ways you can help Bookie's survive. It is absolutely not a given that we will come out of this at all.

1. Buy a gift card to be held at the store to use much later and pay for it with PayPal. This is a quick way to get some money flowing the right way.

2. Purchase books we already have in stock from our website and choose curbside pickup. I'm going to start posting some books that we have in stock that, unfortunately, no one can browse.

3. Order here, and it will ship directly to your home without us having to process is, but we WILL receive a nice percentage of the sale.

4. Preordering books through our website and paying through PayPal.

5. Digital audiobooks:

6. Ebooks