We Trade

*** ATTENTION!!! Due to the holiday rush, we are currently NOT accepting trade-ins at the Chicago (Western Ave.) location. This is to better serve you and to keep our store looking nice and festive for the holidays. We will begin accepting trade-ins again in the new year. ***


We only accept two bags OR two boxes of books per account per day.

  • This is not a new policy. It has been in place for years. Sometimes 20 people bring trade-ins on the same day. It is easy for us to become overwhelmed. 
  • If you ask us to make an exception, you will be the fifth person to ask that day. Please understand why we have the limits in place.
  • You may bring your books in boxes that are the size of the aforementioned paper shopping bags.
  • Please do not bring your books in garbage bags. Books get damaged in them, as garbage bags do not have flat bottoms to maintain the books' shapes. They also make the store look as if it is filled with garbage.
Here’s What to Bring:
  • Your gently-used books
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • Textbooks and reference books with a publication date a maximum of three years before the current date.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What do I get for my trade-in?
    • Bookie’s gives you discounts on your purchases when you trade in your used books and other trade items.
  • What kind of discounts?
    • 40% off our already reduced store prices on used books. 15% off new paperbacks and assorted new merchandise. 25% off new hardcovers.
  • Do I have to use it all at once?
    • No. Discount credit is usable on current and future visits until none remains.
  • If I trade in books, do I still have to pay for my purchases?
    • Yes. We don’t give you free books in exchange for your trade-ins. When you trade, discounts are applied as mentioned above.
  • What is a discount account?
    • Your discount account is a record of your trade-ins, which is maintained in our computer system. We keep your information and discount credit balance on file so you don’t have to keep track of it. When you purchase or bring in books, we'll confirm your account, and discounts and credits will be updated appropriately. 
Please bring items in excellent condition! The following are not acceptable and will be sent back with you:
  • Books with missing or torn covers or pages.
  • Hardcover books without dust jackets.
  • Books with liquid damage, mold, or other dirt/grime. 
  • Library books cannot be accepted.
  • We do not accept advanced readers copies or uncorrected proofs even after the publication date.
  • Books must be clean and free of pet hair and smoke odors.
This information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change without notice.